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Hi. I’m Lydia Taggart.

I’m part of a group of courageous, dedicated leaders who are building the hearts of heroes and getting results.

We take out the layers of resistance to communication. We forge relationships knowing that relationships are the base for ALL success.

We get through the barriers to connect at the C.O.R.E. We peel the layers back and open hearts, voices, and minds.  When we are open we can get business done in the most efficient ways.

If you look at statistics they will tell you satisfaction at work and long term employee retention are a dream. Statistics say that marriages and families don’t last in happiness.

C.O.R.E. bosses know it happens every single day.

We are C.O.R.E. bosses!  And we are OPEN for Business!


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“Lydia Taggart is an exceptional mentor and presenter. She has a sincere love for those she is helping and has great focus on the individual that brings a warmth that ensures safety and trust. Her smile is infectious and calms the nerves of her audience. I have been touched by her sincere nature and have been moved to action by what I have learned from her. She is full of energy and is a doer that makes things happen. I highly recommend getting to know Lydia to determine how she can help you get moving in life.”
Mark FincherLiving Tree Connections Orem, Utah
Lydia is an amazing mentor! She has a lot of experience in children and families and is super talented in organizing them. She gave me multiple easy and doable ideas on how to organize my family and all of them worked flawlessly! Thanks Lydia.
Lacey Platt
“I have truly benefited from this class and love the confident, productive person I have become. After 8 weeks, my goals have become routine and I am a happier, more cheerful person, both spiritually and temporally. I’m so filled with joy that I can’t express how important this was to me.”
Peggy Christensen
I had the opportunity to listen to Lydia speak at a youth conference event this last month. Not only did she have such a positive attitude throughout the presentation but she also had such great energy! I was so impressed that Lydia had so many great things to say along with so many hands on activities to keep the youth involved! My favorite was when she had the youth build Legos while talking about connecting and how opposites attract. I have had multiple youth come up to me since then and referred to that specific object lesson. She inspired so many of the youth and really made connections with them. Each one was connected and inspired by so many of her thoughts. I'm so grateful for her willingness to prepare and share such great thoughts! Her smile alone made it all worth it! Thank you Lydia for taking the time to speak to us!
Erin Greer
I have more motivation this week. Since my conversation with Lydia I am realizing that I get to have more fun during my sessions. This way is less exhausting and I am more excited to work! I think the session was very valuable and perfect.
Isabelle Hundt
"Sometimes it’s not easy to combat the negative in life, but with the tools we learn here it makes it possible! Not only possible, but we can do so happily and easily!"
Adelle Lems
“It was amazing to come here to find such spirited energy. I feel like I can really succeed!”


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