Hi. I’m Lydia Taggart.

I’m part of a group of courageous, dedicated leaders who are building the hearts of heroes and getting results.

We take out the layers of resistance to communication. We forge relationships knowing that relationships are the base for ALL success.

We get through the barriers to connect at the C.O.R.E. We peel the layers back and open hearts, voices, and minds.  When we are open we can get business done in the most efficient ways.

If you look at statistics they will tell you satisfaction at work and long term employee retention are a dream. Statistics say that marriages and families don’t last in happiness.

C.O.R.E. bosses know it happens every single day.

We are C.O.R.E. bosses!  And we are OPEN for Business!

As mother to quadruplets and two other children, I was often asked how it felt to walk on water. More often than not I felt like I was drowning with all six of my kids being born within 4 years, so I jumped into studying every possible relationship tip to help my family. Over the years I developed a new layering technique that cuts to the core, busting through the barriers that keep people distant.

As I implemented and watched others use the layering communication skills I realized how central those skills are.  Not just for relationships and happiness, but also for business and success in every other area of life.

Now, as my oldest son enters the work force as a teenager, it is obvious that new ways to communicate are needed.  I am so passionate about providing people tools to communicate effectively! Get your FRAME Training and become a C.OR.E. Boss.


My mission is to empower communicators to connect, in homes and in businesses. I help business leaders and employees have better relationships so they can improve productivity, save time, and reduce costs.

Open hearts, minds, and voices. Open for business.

Connected. Open. Reliable Results. And Excited for life.  Connected to the C.O.R.E.