Summary of Radio Show October 16th, 2017
Amanda White Time Expert

Hello my friend! How are you doing this week? We have had an exciting week with our second episode of Layers of Communication, where we discuss and discover the layers of life that surround us and influence our interactions with other people.

This week we talked about the layer of TIME and had a special guest, TIME EXPERT Amanda White.

I remember a time in my life when I was a very, very, very tired mom and my kids were just entering school years. I was determined to not be viewed as the lazy mom who didn’t care enough to get herself dressed in the morning. I didn’t realize then how critical that decision was. Not to try to impress the other parents at school, but for me to be determined that I was worth getting dressed every morning. And showered. Every day. I proved it was possible and I enjoyed the results of feeling more capable of taking care of my children and our home.

At Halloween I decided I needed a break, I wasn’t prepared, and what the heck? I was going to wear sweats to drop the kids off at school. I would be “A tired mom” for Halloween. My plan was exciting and comforting for myself. I had no other plans that day, other than being at the school, and life was easier if I didn’t work on myself that day. I seriously thought about this decision before I put the sweats on and drove away.

I went into the school with my quadruplets and watched them join their classes in the gym. It was crowded with kids and parents, grandparents, teachers. I smiled at everyone I saw, but my mind was so exhausted. I couldn’t wait to get home for my 2 hours of school time. My heart was conflicted about my appearance, even though I was not known for wearing makeup all the time I knew sweats were not the same as jeans. I reminded myself that it didn’t matter. I was in costume.

My ears perked up and then my heart felt the prick of bystanders judging my outfit.
“Look at her. She didn’t even get dressed today. She looks like she just rolled out of bed.” And so on.
It was brief and cut me deeply. I realized that it was up to me and how I viewed time. If I wanted to feel anything it was up to me to take care of me. Even if it is a conscious decision we make other people will still have their own opinions that don’t necessarily match our intentions.

The first thing Amanda mentioned was taking time to care for ourselves. I agree 100%!

Here are some of the tips from my conversation with Amanda:

  • Time is fair.
  • We cannot manage it.
  • We really don’t have any control over it.
  • We manage ourselves and how we use our time that we are given.

Amanda shared her 6 daily do’s with us as a way of making the most of our time and avoiding guilt over how we use our time.

The real way to make time our friend is to make ourselves our friend. We get more done when we are happy.
One of my other favorite pieces of our conversation was expect distractions. They will be there. Expect them and plan buffer time into your day to avoid overwhelm.

You can find Amanda at and in the Facebook group ‘every minute counts’

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