Layers of Communication Show Summary #4 – Business Relationships

My favorite job for a long while was working as a receptionist in Phoenix Arizona when we were newly-weds.  Maybe it was the joy of getting married.  Maybe it was just the joy of being who I really am and … Read More

Layers of Communication Show #3 Distractions and ADHD with Elona Rohde

Do you get distracted, like I do? What’s the difference of getting distracted and having ADHD? We all get distracted, right?  How can we deal with people who seem distracted all the time and what can we do to bring … Read More

Layers of Communication Show #2 With Time Expert, Amanda White

Summary of Radio Show October 16th, 2017 Amanda White Time Expert Hello my friend! How are you doing this week? We have had an exciting week with our second episode of Layers of Communication, where we discuss and discover the … Read More