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"I can't get enough of Lydia! I want to listen to her presentations again and again!"

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What is The FRAME Formula?

Lydia's most popular keynote topics

Trust Amplified:

Navigating Success with the FRAME Formula

Delve into the FRAME Formula, where each step is a testament to fostering environments that naturally bring forth the best ideas.

Empower every voice, ensure every perspective is valued, and watch as your team collaborates with renewed vigor and trust.

Superhero Leadership:

ID, EQ, and Silent Talks

Picture this: a workplace transformed by leaders rocking their superhero capes!

Dive into the three superpowers every boss needs: a rock-solid sense of self, top-tier emotional smarts, and the wizardry of reading unspoken cues. Unlock these, and watch your team vibe soar.

*Cape Not Included

Quadruple the Level of Success

Unearth the universal patterns that emerge from the delightful chaos of raising quadruplets, along with two other toddlers.

Discover how these insights, distilled from life's unpredictability, can guide businesses toward structured success and cohesive growth.

What Audiences have to say

Lauri Schoenfeld

"I asked Lydia to speak at our event because she has a lot of energy and a lot of joy, but also shares those raw struggles and truths.

I loved her and I would absolutely recommend Lydia to come speak again."

Lauri Schoenfeld - Creator of Illuminating Voices

"I found a treasure at this huge conference!

Lydia Taggart presented on communication - I'm taking back this nugget to create a culture for our team to be able to speak freely and safely. And the rest of the frame she presented will help me do that.

I'm really excited about what I learned here!"

Lisa Delight - Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity, AZ

Lisa Delight

Jack Zufelt

“Lydia shows people how to make what others think is impossible become reality.”

Jack Zufelt - World renowned international speaker, author of 'The DNA of Success'

“If all women could learn to communicate with your skill I think the world would change overnight.”

- Casey Fisher

Casey Fisher

"Lydia is enthusiastic and fun to listen to! I highly recommend Lydia!"

Karen Hales - conference attendee

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About Lydia

While balancing motherhood with six kids, including quadruplets, Lydia devised the "Frame Formula" to communicate and connect in ways that otherwise were impossible.

Now she takes it to the corporate world to guide executives in fostering vibrant workplaces. Melding tales of resilience with proven strategies, she gives step by step guidance to reduce stress, anxiety, and attrition.

Lydia doesn't just speak; she transforms workplaces. Connect and champion a harmonious leadership vision with Lydia's expertise!

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